KANEKAWA Makoto is Trombone Player of JAPAN


It is born in the Tokyo Japan on 1966.

It spends with the junior high school high school in Sapporo, and it belongs to the HBC junior orchestra.

Hokkaido Sapporo KEIMEI junior high school graduation in 1982

Hokkaido Sapporo Higashi high school graduation in 1985

Kunitachi College of Music graduation concert in 1991

Paris European Academy of Music entrance in 1992.

It belongs to the Clichy window ensemble.

The first Japanese it passes and participates in "Orchestra Frances des Junnes" in 1993.

Paris European Academy of Music graduation in 1994.

The highest among this Academy of Music "Diprome European" is won.

The first recital in Nippori sunny hall in 1996 is held.

The encouragement prize is won in the Ohmagari of the ninth times new figure music festival in 1997.

The second recital in Yasuda Seimei Hall is held.

It will be prize-for-an-excellent-work-awarded by the 4th France music contest in 2003.

Tokyo JAPAN living